Designing East Brunswick Village (EBV)

East Brunswick Village

East Brunswick Village (EBV), an urban infill project designed by JAM Architects, demonstrates the creation of medium density housing without further contributing to Melbourne’s relentless urban sprawl. 

The Victorian State Government anticipates a population growth from 6.5 million to 11 million people by 2056. Current housing deficits and future demand resulting from this growth must be addressed.  

Traditionally, the growth of our cities has evolved via urban sprawl, either a rapid expansion or slow crawl of our cities’ geographic extent. This has typically been characterised by low-density residential housing, single-use zoning and reliance on private vehicles for transportation. 

As many residents of Melbourne and Geelong’s outer suburbs can attest, this growth model comes with a personal toll of cost, time and energy spent in accessing basic needs such as employment, education, health services. 

EBV is a fine example of urban renewal that has transformed a dilapidated industrial site into a thriving mixed use commercial and residential precinct. […]

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