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East Brunswick Village

June 17, 2021

“Our architectural vision is of a self-sustaining village that enables holistic, modern urban living, yet respects and engages with the EBV site’s industrial past, and the culturally diverse neighbourhood it’s located in today.”

“The entire project is based on a traditional village’s model of social, environmental and cultural sustainability. With the architecture, we’ve consciously sought to minimise the mass and imposition of the buildings, while creating a feeling of connectedness within EBV itself. A high standard of services and amenities have been interweaved throughout, including rooftop and podium gardens, communal vegetable plots, playgrounds and recreational spaces. Recycled timber and quarried bluestone from the site have been integrated throughout the landscaping, laneways and architecture. Tactile brickwork and expressed steel are reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

At Bluestone Way, we’ve taken inspiration from biophilic design to realise our vision of public and private spaces with an authentic connection to nature. We’ve done this with high standards of Environmentally Sustainable Design, the integration of nature throughout the building, careful materials selection to reflect each floor’s use, and a range of wellbeing spaces and functions. The wellbeing focus comes through aesthetically too, with organic, circular motifs that represent eternal life, sensory gardens and internal open air courtyards on each floor, for community and contemplation.”

– Chris Manton, Director @ JAM Architects