Alterations and Additions to a Heritage Victorian Terrace House

The Faraday Street House is the outcome of a Clients’ need to extend an existing single storey Victorian terrace house to include contemporary living, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom facilities, and to introduce natural light into the interior space.

The design developed as a response to tight planning constraints within a high density urban and historic precinct on a site approximately 6 metres wide by 16 metres deep. Planning controls demanded that any amendments to the existing house must not be visible from the Street.

In answer to these requirements, the existing front rooms of the house have been retained, and a new North facing living room, and a new kitchen, laundry and powder-room provide functional and contemporary service areas. Above these areas, a master bedroom, bathroom and robe form the upper storey.

The introduction of a shaft of light extending from the north elevation through to the kitchen and beyond the stair landing through to the existing Victorian rooms and the consistency of detail and finish within spaces has ensured a subtle transition between old and new. Simplicity in the spaces created through to the surfaces and details create an architecture of essentials.

Spaces are arranged to provide an integrated transition of function and form. Elements such as the kitchen extend out to become living room storage and house items such as televisions and stereo equipment.

The house was design to maximise the use of a small site and provide the clients with a light and open living environment.