Conservation and extension of a Heritage Residence

The intricacies and sensitivities of this conservation project involved extensive technical challenges and demanded an architectural response that addressed the contemporary requirements with considered respect to the historically significant building

The placement of the extension sought to create a neutral backdrop to the cottage and to accommodate the contemporary amenities required of an inner-city residence.

Given the small scale of the site and density of the suburb, this placement significantly enhances the presence of the cottage in its streetscape.

A glazed lightweight atrium creates a link between the original cottage and the new structure – a transparent form providing the transition. The extension is set behind the cottage ensuring the integrity and presence of the original cottage is maintained.

The addition utilizes contemporary materials of glass and metal that provide contrast to and reflection of the textured timber weatherboards and historical elements.

This project won the 2009 AIA John George Knight award tor Heritage Architecture and the 2010 Port Phillip Design & Development Award for Best Heritage Development