The streets of Albert Park present a façade of ornate Victorian terraces. The challenge for JAM Architects was to design a contemporary, functional home within the context of the heritage 
streetscape – a re-interpretation of the classic terrace.
 The plan reinterprets the proportions of adjoining properties by defining the form as two masses. The “solid” is detailed as a bluestone clad element, whilst the “transparent” form is a steel framed glazed cube screened with aluminium louvres. Materials and form are simple and legible. The two forms are separated by a glass link, defining circulation. This articulation reinforces the streetscape rhythm. 
The project addressed common urban design issues such as over-looking, access to light, privacy and overshadowing. The typical row housing model dominating these inner urban sites required new solutions to introduce “private” amenity. Boundaries of internal and external spaces are extended on this small site; retractable doors open from living spaces to the courtyard, detailed with seamless floor finishes, integrated lighting and joinery. The Moubray Street Residence develops common themes of work undertaken by JAM Architects by inserting contemporary solutions into heritage streetscapes, ensuring efficient use of space in confined inner urban sites within planning controls and exploring simple, legible design solutions.
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